Biodegradable Adjustable Bracelet

Biodegradable Adjustable Bracelet

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These beautiful bracelets were handmade with a combination of crocheting and macramé. They are biodegradable and entirely eco-friendly. Cotton production is very harmful for our environment, as it uses more herbicides, pesticides, and insecticides than any other crop. These chemicals are harmful to our environment and can runoff into our clean drinking water, killing animals and causing pollution. These bracelets are made with organic cotton, which is cotton that is produced very responsibly. Organic cotton production has to follow strict rules, guidelines, and standards, making sure you know it’s eco-friendly!

The bracelet’s mostly crocheted except for the adjustable closure, which is macramé. 

All the profits will be donated to The Minnesota Center For Environmental Advocacy (MCEA)

These bracelets are for a summative science project, so please help spread the message!

100% Organic Cotton


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